2MC Photo Gallery Spring 2021-22

World Book Day 2022

In maths, we enjoyed practical activities involving weighing and measuring capacity.


In art, we have been exploring the work of Clarice Cliff and her ‘bizarre’ designs on ceramics.

Finally… celebrating in Class 2MC!

Design Technology

In design technology, we have explored how we can decorate fabric.  We have tried batik, tie-dye and block printing so far…

…tie-dye was lots of fun, but a bit messy!



When exploring the capital city of Cardiff, we used Google Maps to have a good look around the city.  We could spot various famous landmarks and used this information to make a large wall display.  Which cities could you explore at home using Google Maps?


In PSHE, we explored different aspects of having a healthy lifestyle.  In one lesson, we looked at and sorted different types of behaviour.

In Science, we have been exploring rocks and looking at how we can replicate forming different types of rocks such as igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.

In Spanish, we finished our topic with an end of topic quiz to test our knowledge about Spain.  We knew lots of facts!