2WI Photo Gallery Autumn 2021-22

Autumn 1

This half term class 2WI have enjoyed world mental health day – we enjoyed doing some relaxation and yoga.

We are really good friends in 2WI and enjoy playing games together during reward time.

To celebrate our English topic this half term we enjoyed our Pirate day – we made maps, played some action games, sang songs, went on a treasure hunt and learnt all about pirates.

Autumn 2
Science Theme Day
 Our theme this term was – you are what you eat. We looked at parts of our bodies such as our organs, ones and muscles and learned about the importance of all parts. We then looked at how important it is to keep our teeth healthy. We looked at names of our teeth and what foods are bad for our teeth. We then made some healthy fruit kebabs and learned about how important healthy food is.
Autumn 2
Remembrance Day
We decorated the classroom door with a poppy wreath that we made for Remembrance Day
Autumn 2
Children in Need 2021
Autumn 2

Pentathlon Event

Class 2WI really enjoyed our pentathlon event at Priestley collage. We had so much fun competing in all of the games and joining in! We had great team spirit and were super excited when we came second!!

Autumn 2
We decorated the classroom door for Christmas
Autumn 2
We made a wish on a star and put it to the Christmas tree