3G Photo Gallery Summer 2021-22

Europe Day 2022

All pupils thoroughly enjoyed exploring different European flags as part of our maths and art work.  We worked on sorting and counting a range of European flags and also put these into a pictogram. 

During the afternoon, we created an Austrian flag as a whole group, using a range different tools and craft materials. 

English – Explanation Texts

In English this half term, we have been exploring what and explanation is and linking it to our class topic theme on ‘homes’.  We worked on explaining what a house is and then looked at the uses of a hoover.  We all loved using the hoover!  We then looked at one of our favourite desserts and explored how to make homemade ice cream as well as create an explanation sheet on what it is.

Science - Materials

During our Science lessons this half term, we have been focussing on identifying a range of different materials that we can find in our own environment.  In preparation for our DT project next half term, we looked at making our own recycled paper, ordering the instructions, creating the paper and also describing the different stages and materials. It got very messy!

Voice Your Choice 2022
Sensory Play