Class 3N

January 2021 National Lockdown
3N (KS1 ASD Discrete Provision)
Class 3N pupils and parents will be able to access a weekly learning grid that will contain a range of practical tasks to work on at home. As a part of this, pictorial instructions and individual symbols will be included at the bottom of the grid. These can be printed by parents or shown to pupils on iPads/computer screens during task completion.
In addition, pupils will be given a pack of practical tasks that they should be able to do with some level of independence at home. These are tasks that will help them to develop further skills connected to English and Maths and other areas of the curriculum (pupils are used to doing tasks like these in their TEACCH baskets). These tasks/games will be reusable and the packs will be renewed when parents feel that pupils are ready for new tasks.
Class will also send home new timetables and symbols for parents to use and these are the same as those used in class. Class will also send written instructions on how to use these so that their use is consistent.
March 2020 National Lockdown