Welcome to Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

Class team: Mrs McLoughlin (Class teachers), Miss White (TA), Mr Gould (TA) & Mr McLoughlin


I hope you have had a wonderful summer, and I look forward to meeting you at the parent/teacher meet-and-greet session in the Autumn term.

This session will take place on 24h September at 3.45pm and will give me the chance to formally introduce myself and inform you of all of the systems and

procedures that take place in class 6.


Before then, I will make sure that I communicate all important information to you in the form of newsletters or timetables.


News about your child’s day, and the lessons and activities they have taken part in, will be communicated in the Home/School books or in the week-ahead letters.  Please feel free to make any comments about what your child is doing at home; any fun days out, significant achievements or any messages you may have for me, either in the Home/School books or through the office.                                           

                                                                                Mrs Mcloughlin


Designing and making fruit kebabs.
Making a Magic Potion for World Book Day
Making Palm Leaves for Palm Sunday
Creating Crumpled Paper Designs in Art
Design Technology -  "Building Playgrounds"
Our Trip to Woolston Park!
Jenny Wrens Pottery Cafe where we made our Graduation plates

Southport Beach where we went on our end of year trip


Visit to a flower garden to investigate plants