Welcome to P3

Welcome to Class P3

Class Team: Miss Taylor (Class Teacher), Miss Beechall (TA) & Mrs Oddie(TA).


In P3 we like to do a lot of practical learning and as part of this we will be going to ASDA on a Monday morning to practise our social money skills. We will be ordering our breakfast at the café and will be paying ourselves before going around the shop using a shopping list and then using the self-check out.

For this we ask for £1.50 a week to pay for breakfast and snack.


We will have PE on a Friday so please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school on this day. We encourage all children to bring in water bottles to keep themselves hydrated and ask them to take it home each night to clean it.


Homework will be given out on a Tuesday to be brought back in on the Monday.

We ask that you read with your child at least 4x a week and sign their reading record each time.


Each child will have their own Home/School book that will be used to pass on messages between staff and Parents/carers. Please check this book regularly and use it to inform us of any issues, medical appointments, and ask any questions you have. If there is anything urgent though please ring or book an appointment to talk to us face to face.

P3 at Work

PE: - We have started spring term learning about the sport of Wheelchair Rugby. We have been learning how to control and move the wheelchairs and how to keep the ball under control while we move.


English: - In English P3 are reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We have been studying the characters and have been using adjectives to describe the different characters. The class also got to experience the sorting hat and where sorted into their Hogwarts Houses.

Forrest School: - P3 have spent the last six weeks outside participating in Forrest School project. We have been learning about plants, trees and the animals that we can find in our Forrest area. We have also learnt about camp fires, how to stay safe around the fire and more importantly how to cook toast and marshmallows.

Gulliver's World.
P3's end of year trip.