P2 Photo Gallery Summer 2021-22


This half term, we have been investigating measures. We have carried out practical tasks linked to length, weight and capacity. We have explored how to use a range of measuring equipment.


In Computing we are finding out about algorithms and the need for these to be accurate. We started to see that when programming, instructions and commands need to be accurate. In this lesson, we created a set of instructions for how to make a paper plane and then gave these to a partner for them to follow. We had to follow the instructions given, even if these did not result in the best planes. Later, we went outside to fly our planes.


In Science, we have been finding out about particle nature linked to solids, liquids and gases. In this investigation, we have explored the question – Do gases weigh anything? We weighed fizzy drinks and then shook these and released the gas. Next, we weighed these again and found that the liquids now weighed less. We discussed how to make the investigation fair by using the same volume of liquid, shaking for the same amount of time etc.