Isolation July 2021
January 2021 National Lockdown 

Class P3 (KS3)

Each week we will upload a learning grid onto this page. This grid will have 3 lessons a day for them to complete. There will be links for each lesson to the Oak Academy website where the video will take your child through the lesson and will tell the child how to complete the activities. Please let us know if you feel the work is too difficult or that your child is struggling to access the lessons.

We would like you to upload some evidence to our learning platform Evidence for Learning (EFL) so that we can see your child’s work and we can then comment and send praise to the children to keep them encouraged. Please do not feel you need to do this for all the work the children complete.

I have sent home a workbook and pencil to help your child complete the lessons. I have also included a table of other websites that you may find useful and have sent home passwords to the educational websites we use in school.

We will be contacting you each week to see how you are all coping and if there is anything we can help you with.

Oct/Nov 2020 Student Isolation 
March 2020 National Lockdown