January 2021 National Lockdown

Q4 - KS4 SLD Classes

Weekly learning packs will be sent home containing a mixture of worksheets and activities that we are working on in class that week, following our usual half termly topics (our topic web can be found on this school website under ‘About us’ and then the subheading ‘Classes’).


As the children work through their weekly pack, completed work is stored in a plastic wallet and will be returned to school by pupils upon return to school or via parents.


A wallet of equipment will also be sent home to use to support learning such as number lines, whiteboards and pens, writing pens, pencils, felt tips, pencils and glue.


Parents will be encouraged to record children’s work completed at home on Evidence for Learning (EFL). Parents have been provided with instructions to upload photos and videos to allow us the track progress and engagement in learning.

September 2020 Student Isolation
March 2020 National Lockdown