Welcome to class Q 1

Welcome to class Q 1
we are:
Dean, Kaeden, Ciaran, Louis, Benjamin, Ryan, Sophie, Ben, Connor, Aaron and Owen

Q1 visited the Halliwell Jones Stadium to take part in a community leisure activity as part of their PSD programme. Craig Thomason from the Wolves Foundation put the group through their paces with the Step Challenge - running up and down every flight of stairs in the stadium! As if that wasn't enough, they then went on to complete a gruelling fitness circuit using Battle Ropes, Sledge Hammers and Tyre Flips. All for 50p! Bargain! Big thanks to Craig for giving up his time so freely!


World Book Day 2019

We read the short story ‘Licked’ by Paul Jennings, about a boy who plays a trick on his Dad. Andrew makes it his mission to ‘wind his dad up’ so that Dad will lose a bet. The story finishes with Andrew saying “Tomorrow, when he calms down, I’ll own up.”

We imagined how the conversation tomorrow might play out. How might dad react? What would happen? What would he say?

On World Book Day class 4 enjoyed listening to a story read by Ben from Q1.
"Making notes and producing mind maps on our topic, Exploring. We have been investigating Mount Everest, some of the adventurers who have scaled it, and some of the issues that have plagued the mountain and climbers this year."
Daily Life in Q1