School Tuck Shop

Q2 run a tuck shop in school every week, It will be on a Wednesday next year (2019/2020).

This is part of their maths Towards Independence qualification and we have noticed it really helps with their confidence, money, social skills and general maths skills.

We sell sweets chocolate and crisps and items range from 10p-50p.

For example

Chocolate bars (kit kat chunky, wispa, dairy milk etc) 50p

Crisps 40p

Sweets (fruit pastilles, starbursts, mentos etc) 50p

Sweet bags (cola bottles, cherry jellies, sour snakes etc) 30p

Maoams (3 in bag) 10p.

We take the “Tuck Trolley” to each class and the pupils come outside to choose what they would like to buy. The profit made helps to contribute towards equipment and practical activities for our vocational studies qualification.