Sensory Room Facilities

Cognitive psychologists suggest that the main ingredient of the intellectual phenomenon is sensory stimulation which allows human beings to apprehend through their senses of environment and respond towards it. Here at Green Lane Special School we have an onsite Multi - Sensory room and environment to improve the children’s development of thought, intelligence and social skills. This Multi - Sensory Environment offers pupils with cognitive impairment and other challenging conditions the opportunity to enjoy and control a variety of sensory experiences. Time spent in a Multi - Sensory environment has proved to increase concentration, focus, attention, improve alertness, awaken memories, and to improve mobilization, creativity, social interactions and communication. The varied optical, acoustic, olfactory and tactile stimuli help individuals concentrate and focus better. Multi - Sensory Environments have not only provided alternative and powerful forms of sensory stimulation for individuals previously isolated in their perceptual disabilities; they have also managed to break into cultures within health and education, providing new ways of encouraging learning, motor development, cognitive development, language and social skills.