Rocking Music Festival

Rocking Good Music Festival


What a great day was had by all 6th Form students and staff.

Petty Pool did themselves proud with the line up of artists, stalls, activities and BBQ lunch. After a welcome by the Mayor and the head of Petty Pool our very own Mike Gaskell from Green Lane was the first performer on stage to get the concert rolling.

Stands that drew numbers of concert goers were dotted around the stage area. Free hot and cold drinks, biscuits and fruit kebabs were sponsored by Tesco. It’s rival was the Mocktail stand offering a range of free drinks but the hands down winner was probably the ice cream van whose benevolent owner offered free ice creams for an hour!

Hugely popular was the mechanical bull, with others' misfortune entertaining the crowds. With the police and fire services plus other stands there was something for everyone.

On a more serious level many wrote notes containing a wish or dream that were attached to helium filled balloons and released at the very end of the afternoon, a fitting end to a great day.

Thank you, Petty Pool! If you repeat this next year we’ll be there!

(View ‘Petty Pool Music Festival 2017’ on Youtube for the official Petty Pool video.)