Welcome to 3N

Welcome to Class 3N

Class team: Miss Naylor (teacher), Mrs Burton (HLTA), Mrs Hockenhull (TA) and Mrs Hooper (TA)


Class 3N is an ASD discrete classroom that works on a topic based Early Years curriculum that includes learning through play with a continuous provision element. We also work on the SCERTS scheme.

Pupils in Class 3N have their own snack arrangements, which includes going out to shops (to purchase the foods pupils will use for cooking or for snacks), and cafes once a week. Pupils pay £1.50 per week for this but pupils are free to bring their own snack to school if parents prefer and just bring £1 for the cafe.

Class 3N all have home/school books which are returned home with pupils each night. These books will give you an indication of what your child has done during their time in school so that you can talk to them about it at home. I would like parents to also write in the books, particularly of a weekend, so that I can then discuss with pupils the things they may have done outside of school. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in these books too.

We do PE with the Wolves Foundation on Tuesday and have music on Wednesday.

Could I please ask that parents always ensure that their child has a small selection of spare clothes to change into – we do lots of sensory work and art activities, and even though we always wear aprons accidents do sometimes happen!

Could I also ask that pupils always bring a coat to school for playtime and lunch time.



We use PECS books to help us communicate.
We enjoy using sensory trays.
Climbing through Incy Wincy Spider’s web.
Making and painting our own spiders.
We enjoy shopping for ingredients and doing lots of baking.
Using the sensory tray.