Welcome to Class P1

Welcome to Class P1
 Class Team: Mr Bennett (Class Teacher) & Mrs Tahraoui (TA)

We are a Key Stage 3 class of 15 pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9.

The staff are Mr Bennett (teacher), Ms Beechall and Ms Tahraoui (teaching assistants).

In P1, we also move around the school and as a result, some of the lessons are taught by different teachers in different classrooms.

PE is on a Friday afternoon so that is the day that you will need to have your kit.

On Thursday there is a tuck shop and the children are welcome to bring in some money to buy confectionery.

Pupils are also welcome to bring a healthy snack to have at break time and we also recommend that they bring their own water bottle with fresh water everyday.

Each pupil in P1 is given a home-school book. This is a way of communicating any important messages and information.

English and Maths homework is sent out in a weekly basis.

We are looking forward to having a fun and exciting year!


Mr Bennett and team

During the main part of our lesson the focus was on Instructional writing. We ordered the pictures as a class for making a cup of tea as they were mixed up. We then worked in mixed ability pairs to write the set of instructions using the key features we have learned Eg Bossy verbs, 2nd person, time connectives, numbering.
We  then worked from the IAWB to complete an activity to add mis or non to the root word. We made decisions & noted on our mini whiteboards.

In P1 we have been investigating pictographs.

We have been drawing composite bar charts to show how data can be split. We were also able to answer questions about our graphs.

We have been learning about aboriginal art and the 'dotting' painting technique.

We researched the types of houses Anglo-Saxons lived in and then we created our own!
We have been lucky enough to have been taught Judo by a Judo master!

In art we have been learning about the creepy creations of Tim Burton. We drew some pictures based on 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and then we made sculptures of our drawings.