Welcome to P3

Welcome to class P3
we are:
Harry, Holly, Mark, Klaudia, Jamie-Paul, Bethany, Anthony, Jason, Grace, Bradley, Zack and Isabella
P3 at Work

PE: - We have started spring term learning about the sport of Wheelchair Rugby. We have been learning how to control and move the wheelchairs and how to keep the ball under control while we move.


English: - In English P3 are reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We have been studying the characters and have been using adjectives to describe the different characters. The class also got to experience the sorting hat and where sorted into their Hogwarts Houses.

Forrest School: - P3 have spent the last six weeks outside participating in Forrest School project. We have been learning about plants, trees and the animals that we can find in our Forrest area. We have also learnt about camp fires, how to stay safe around the fire and more importantly how to cook toast and marshmallows.

Gulliver's World.
P3's end of year trip.