Welcome to Q 2

Welcome to Q2
Class Team: Mrs Davey (Class Teacher) and Mrs Milnes (TA)
In Q2 we are working towards accreditation and have challenges to achieve, so can you please ensure that your child always brings a coat and suitable footwear as we often go out for practical activities. We encourage independence and make our own morning drinks with toast etc. on Fridays the cost is 50p per week if they wish to join in. We have our PE lesson on Thursdays, so please make sure PE kits are brought in. This book is for you to inform us of appointments and other necessary information. We will contact you when we have something important for you to know. Please make sure that it is brought to school everyday. We are looking forward to a great year
Take a look below and see what we've been up to!

ASDAN Home Management

Our challenge this week was to prepare a healthy snack for one person that would be suitable for a packed lunch. We researched healthy items and then chose to make a Chicken salad wrap with and apple and banana to follow

In our food wise lesson we were looking at healthy eating and school menu’s.

We found out what different food groups we should be eating to be healthy.

Then we looked at the current school menu to see if it was healthy.

We interviewed Mrs Edwards the school cook and we asked her some question about the school menu.

ASDAN Challenge 1A5

The students all had a practical lesson on using the kettle correctly and had a lovely cup of tea.

Planting Trees

For PSD we had to improve part of our environment so we decided to plant some trees at the front of school and to tidy the area. We had to wait for a dry day but we managed to get out there last week.