Daffodil Photo Gallery Autumn 2022-23

Autumn 1


As part of our topic on Moods and Feelings, we explored a large range of portraits and art work that express moods and emotions.  The children looked at these photographs and we discussed them.  We also watched a PowerPoint exploring different facial expressions and we had a go at demonstrating this with our own faces.  We then worked in our sketch books and had a go and drawing different expressions. 

Daffodil Class European Languages Day

For European Languages Day, Daffodil Class made Spanish flags using tissue paper and laminating pouches.  We also decorated Talavera tiles.  The tiles are named after a city in central Spain and are best known for their unique and decorative patterns.

Food Technology

As part of our topic on Healthy Eating, we took part in a fruit tasting session.  The children were amazing at identifying and even trying the fruit.  Many of the children in Daffodil class either tried something new or touched and smelled something new.


As part of our topic on the Second World War, we have been finding out what it was like to live during the Blitz in London.  We explored what it was like to be evacuated and made suitcases to pack the things that children would have taken with them.  We also made models of Anderson Shelters.  The models turned out really well!


In maths, we carry out lots of practical activities to help us with our learning.  We enjoys carrying out investigations and working on the computer too.


As part of our topic exploring families, we looked at photographs of different types of families.  We watched a video interviewing different families and we noticed how not all families are the same.  We then created a large scale collage to demonstrate this.

Roald Dahl Day 2022

We read extracts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and then thought about chocolate! We used playdough and beads to make ‘chocolates’ based on written descriptions of them.  The children did well to follow the descriptions.  They then designed their own ‘chocolates’.  We then took part in a chocolate tasting quiz.  The children tried different well-known brands of chocolate and wrote down what they thought they were.  They were good at guessing, but not as good as the staff!


As part of our topic on Materials, we have been taking part in lots of different experiments and investigations.  We explored different objects and investigated which ones could be changed easily by bending, stretching, squashing or squeezing.  We carried out an experiment looking at dough, and how we could make it softer or firmer.  We made our own dough and slime and explored consistency and then later on in the topic, we explored the different states of water when we looked at water, ice and steam.


As part of our topic in Spanish, we explored Spain and learnt different facts about Spain, including where Spain is in the world, why people travel to Spain on holiday and some popular destinations and landmarks.

Autumn 2

Christmas Activities

Sunflower class have been doing lots of activities to celebrate Christmas.  We enjoyed decorating our class Christmas tree. We all took turns to choose a decoration before placing it on the tree. Everybody was so excited to decorate our classroom!

Instead of a Christmas performance this year we had a Christmas “crafternoon”. We enjoyed decorating our own Christmas shaped salt dough ornaments as well as trying our hand at making a rustic Christmas trees. A great time was had by all.

Across lower school we had our own Christingle celebration, we shared a story and all got to see how hard we all worked making own Christingles.



In Computing we have been looking at how to stay safe online.  We have had group discussions about what to do and not do when using technology. Learners demonstrated understanding of how to use the internet safely and created their own posters to be displayed around school.

Our topic was based on food packaging.  We explored different types of food packaging and chose some of our favourite features such as shape, colour and logos to add to our designs.  From this, we researched net shapes using our knowledge of 3D shapes to decide on our final design. We were all very excited to make our own cereal boxes and we were so proud of our finished products!