Welcome to class Q 1


Welcome to Class Q1 


We are a Key Stage 4 class of 11 pupils in Years 10 and 11.

The staff are Mr M King, Mrs Williams (Monday – Wednesday) and Mrs Wright (Wednesday – Friday.)

In Q1, some of the lessons are taught by different teachers but due to current circumstances lessons will be taught in our own classroom. We will be providing individual equipment packs and ask that pupils do not bring in pencil cases from home.

We will be having lunch in our own classrooms when we come back in September and break times will be staggered to ensure social distancing.

PE is on a Wednesday afternoon so that is the day that you will need to have your kit. PE in KS4 is for a qualification. It is vital that you have the correct kit for every lesson. In the current circumstances we cannot provide spare kit.

On Thursday there is a tuck shop and the children are welcome to bring in some money to buy confectionery.

Pupils are also welcome to bring a healthy snack to have at break time and we also recommend that they bring their own water bottle with fresh water every day. Pupils can bring in their own mug from home for a cup of tea.

We don’t have home/school books in Q1. We expect pupils to develop their maturity and independence by taking responsibility for letters etc. If you need to contact the staff team please ring school.

English and Maths homework is sent out most weeks. This is usually to build on work done in class. Please complete on time and ensure weekly spellings are learned. 

We are looking forward to having a fun and exciting year!

Mr King and the team.

Autumn Term
Q1 are studying JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit this term. 
Spring Term
"This terms Maths topic has been on data handling. Q1 spent time discussing the impact and value of data in the modern  world, and how important it is to understand data in the workplace. Here are a few photos of members of Q1 collecting, discussing and then scrutinising the data they have collected.
The group then used this data, and other data sources, to draw up their own bar charts to display the results clearly."