Welcome to Class 7W

Welcome to Class 7W
Class team: Ms Whittle (Class teacher), Mrs Moorcroft (TA), Mrs Bhalla (TA) & Mr Morris (TA)
 We are class 7W we are a group of 6 boys with have autism.  We do lots of ‘hands-on’ learning and practice our basic skills regularly.  Life skills are a big part of our curriculum; so we work hard on being able to make drinks and snacks, use money and use local facilities as well as recognise how to look after plants and our environment.   We love to do puzzles, make things with Lego and play on the iPads.   We love to be outside and use outdoor areas as much as we can to enrich our learning. 
are always learning to be more independent we do all of our learning based around a theme so that we can make learning connections more easily. 
Take a look below and see what we've been up to!
Road Safety Week 2020

Stick Insects

Class 7W’s Science is all about small animals that we can see under a magnifying glass.  WE have been out hunting for different ‘minibeasts’ in the school gardens.  Also Mrs Whittle brought in her stick insect called Slim.  We looked carefully at all the parts of the stick insect through the special magnified box.  Everyone was very interested in how long Slim’s body and legs were.


Class 7W have been improving our mental wellbeing and physical health by doing yoga once a week.  We are all getting better at making the correct body shapes and Mrs Bhalla is the class Plank champion!


In class we have been learning about symmetry.  We have made and identified lots of symmetrical pictures.  We have even made some symmetrical pictures using numicon! Kyle even made up his own symmetrical picture using numicon tiles.