Welcome to Q 2

Welcome to Q2

Class team: Mrs Bani (Class teacher)

Mrs Milnes (Teaching Assistant)


The Q2 team all hope that you have enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing summer break! We are very excited to welcome you back to a brand new school year.


You are about to begin your journey in year 11. Although this is an important and challenging year, we will have lots of fun learning and new experiences planned along the way.


During the year we will be sharing pictures and information so that you can see what we've been learning in school via Evidence for learning and/or on the website.

In Q2, some of the lessons are taught by different teachers but due to current circumstances lessons will be taught in our own classroom. We will be providing individual equipment packs and ask that pupils do not bring in pencil cases from home.

We will be having lunch in our own classrooms when we come back in September and break times will be staggered to ensure social distancing.

On Thursday there is a tuck shop and the children are welcome to bring in some money to buy confectionary.

Pupils are also welcome to bring a healthy snack to have at break time and we also recommend that they bring their own water bottle with fresh water every day. Pupils can bring in their own mug from home for our weekly cup of tea time linked to P.S.D. targets.

Our PE day is Thursday. Please ensure that your child has the correct school PE kit in school with them each day. As we move into the winter months, please ensure that children have an appropriate school PE jumper and jogging bottoms to keep them warm during outside PE lessons.


Either Maths or English Homework will be given out on Friday and will be expected to be handed in the following Friday as well as weekly spellings.


We have a home and school book that is used for parents/guardians to share information regarding appointments or any other information regarding their child’s wellbeing. Please remind your child to bring this in daily.

Mrs Bani and Mrs Milnes

Take a look below to see what we've been up to!

Autumn Term
As a part of ASDAN and English we created our own questionnaires based on personal hygiene. We focused on reasons why personal hygiene was important and products used for good personal hygiene.
In Q2 we have been learning about hair make overs. We carried out some research about different hairstyles then had our own hair make over. I hope you enjoy looking below at our ‘before and after’ photographs.
Spring Term
Q2 are filling various applications forms as a part of an ASDAN Challenge. 
Spring Term
During the Spring term, Q2 had the opportunity to experience archery lessons. The pupils really enjoyed working together as a team and the challenges given each week.
Spring Term
In Foodwise this term Q2 have been given a challenge to compare a meal that is ready made and a meal that they have made.  After tasting both meals Q2 preferred the freshly cooked meal. During the rest of the term we are going to look at the nutritional value of both and which is cost effective.
Summer Term
Q2 are playing a game about fractions and turns. The object of the game was to listen to an instruction the turn anti clockwise or clockwise in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or a full turn the quickest. All of the pupils enjoyed the game and became quite competitive.
Summer Term
Q2 were estimating the weight of several objects then weighing them using scales. 
They picked up the items in one hand and a weight in the other to assist them when estimating.
Summer Term
NSPCC Numbers Day