Hydrotherapy Pool

Here at Green Lane Special we share a Hydrotherapy pool onsite for pupil needs.

A heated pool specifically designed for the use of pupils having severe and multiple disabilities and for other therapeutic purposes. Hydrotherapy is exercise and stimulation in a specialised facility where the water is significantly warmer than in a swimming pool and, most importantly, the surrounding air temperature is also very warm.  Hydrotherapy is not swimming nor is this a swimming pool. The ever increasing popularity and value of hydrotherapy is highlighted by an upsurge in research into many different aspects of water, the physiology of exercise in water and many more.

Other benefits of hydrotherapy ?

  • The warm water, high air temperature and relief of bodyweight combines to deliver a pain relief. The exercises become more intensive and new movements are learned. These can be transferred to everyday lives.
  • For those with sensory or learning or profound and multiple difficulties, this physical environment satisfies and calms their sensory needs. This allows them to use the more complex thinking and communicative parts of the brain, helped by the multi-sensory equipment in the pool area.
  • Social interaction is one of the difficulties pupils’ suffer due to being unable to take part in sports and many other social and physical activities.  The aim is to open up water based activities for them to overcome such barriers and improve their sense of achievement by attaining their true potential.