Chat Health

ChatHealth - Text support service for parents, carers and teens (11-19 years)

Please can schools promote Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s secure text messaging service. There are 3 text numbers:

11 - 19 Young People's Service – 07507 330101

0 - 5 Parents Service – 07507 327981

5 - 19 Parents Service – 07480 635994

It is more important than ever for young people and families to have easy access to support, particularly with reduced face to face interaction.

The service does not aim to replace face to face contacts, rather increase choice for service users about how they access advice from a health professional and provides a new line of communication as face to face contact is reduced.

The service will operate Monday-Friday from 9am until 5pm. Messages will be responded to within 24 hours during this period. Outside these hours, service users will receive a ‘bounce back’ text message indicating that they will receive a response when the line re-opens.

ChatHealth is not an emergency service, and accordingly parents will be instructed to follow usual advice in seeking urgent medical attention.