Parental Questionnaires and Analysis

You said, we did ... 


You said…


We did…..


Parents want more speech and language input.

Allocated an additional teaching assistant to the Speech and language team.

Organised more speech and language training for staff.

Parents want more OT input.

We are working with Shine on a two year development plan which involves strategic development of the offer as well as upskilling staff.

Parents want their children to be safe when out in public places.

Started delivering Independent Travel Training and Supported Travel Training.

Parents want to have face to face interactions with their teachers and experience the school environment.

Parents and carer events will all take place in school as per our pre-covid routines.

Parents want opportunities to meet other parents.

Parent and Carer Club will start in October 2022 with a range of events planned over the year.

Parents want Green Lane to have a social media presence to share information.

Green lane School launched a Facebook page in September 2022.

Parents want more trips and visits in the community.

More staff were minibus trained in Summer term 2022 and throughout 2023. All classes have been encouraged to enhance the curriculum with regular trips and visits.

Parents want to have a better understanding of the assessment system used.

Green Lane have launched a new assessment system from September 2022 – parents will be updated in the Autumn term.

Parents want to understand more about how we teach children to protect their wellbeing online and offline.

More resources have been added to the website and resources are shared via social media.

Parents want to understand more about how we teach our children about health relationships and sex education.

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