Owl Photo Gallery Autumn 2022-23

ASDAN – getting out and about

In Owl Class, we have been working towards our getting out and about challenge by visiting Tesco every week to buy our snacks and breakfast. We have been creating lists, paying for our shopping and then unpacking the food and drinks when we get back to school which contributes to our independent living skills.

English – reading

We have been working very hard with our reading skills in Owl Class and concentrating on using our ‘pointy fingers’ to point to the words we are reading. We have been reading lots of different and interesting books that have been giving us inspiration to write our own adventure stories.

Maths – reading, writing and making numbers in different ways

In maths, Owl Class have been reading writing and making numbers in different ways. We have been making numbers using Numicon and Base 10.


RE – Christian festivals

Our focus in RE this half term has been Christian festivals. Owl Class created a piece of colourful art after we learnt about Pentecost. We now know that the flames and the dove represent the Holy Spirit.

Computing – keep safe online

Owl Class have been exploring ways of keeping safe when online. We have been concentrating on the SMART rules and found out that S means Safe. We then played a game to decide what information we can give away and information that we should keep to ourselves.