Rabbit Photo Gallery Summer 2022-23

Summer 1

Fraction Walls

We have used fraction walls to help us find equivalent fractions. We did this by comparing the size of the tiles.



Summer 1 


As part of our science unit on chemical reactions we have been looking at the effects of acids.

We mixed vinegar (acid) with salt. We then added some dirty pennies. The reaction between the vinegar and salt caused the copper oxide on the coins to be stripped away. The result was a nice shiny collection of pennies!




Summer 1


In Design Technology we have been designing and making necklaces. We made these out of card and learned how to use craft knives safely.

Summer 1

Steam Punk Hats

We have been studying ‘steam punk’ culture. We looked at different steam punk hat designs before making our own hats.

Summer 1

M&M painting

We looked at how water molocules can break down sugar. We put some m&ms in some water. We found that the water was able to break down the hardened sugary shell. This caused the food dye to run and mix with the water. We used the ‘runny M&Ms’ to create water colour style paintings!

Summer 2
Careers Talk

We were fortunate enough to have some ex-pupils in to give a careers talk.

Our visitors included: a fair-ground ride operator; a Cineworld employee who founded an autism friendly film club; and an employee from a charity.

We asked a wide range of questions to our visitors to find out more about their jobs.