Welcome to Daffodil

Welcome to Class Daffodil


Class team: Mrs Stewart (Class teacher)

Miss White (TA)

Mrs Dey (TA) Mon - Wed

Miss Gregory (TA) Thur & Fri

1 to 1 TA (1/2 Days) Miss Baddeley

· PE takes place on Monday afternoons with Warrington Wolves.

· Tuck shop is every Friday in Class (50p per item).

· Toast/snack money is £1.50 per week. This can be sent into class in an envelope and we will send it down to the office.

· Homework will be given out each Friday to be handed in by the following Friday.

Homework will start the week ending 16th September.

· Reading books will be sent home each Friday and will be swapped the following Friday in school. We recommend reading at home as often as possible. Reading books will be sent home from week ending 23rd September.

. Spellings will be given out to be learnt at home over the week. Spellings will be given out on Wednesdays to be tested the following Wednesday. Spellings will begin week ending 30th September.

. Class Daffodil all have home/school books which are returned home with pupils each night. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in these books.

. Class Daffodil also have a weekly newsletter. This is given out on a Friday. It will give you an outline of the following week: trips we may be going on, work we will be doing, and any exciting activities that may be taking place in school.

. Evidence for Learning (EFL). Evidence for Learning is a way of recording what the pupils in school have been up to, the work they have done and the progress they are making in their lessons. Please feel free to add your own information to this. It’s great to see what activities and learning takes place outside of the school.


We are really looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!

Mrs Mac and the class team