Squirrel Photo Gallery Autumn 2022-23

Anti-bullying Week

For anti-bullying week, Squirrel class talked about who we can ‘reach out’ to if we are being bullied or feel worried about something. We wrote down a list of people who we can talk to, such as parents, siblings and teachers. We also made a flower to give to someone to celebrate World Kindness Day.


In our DT lessons this term we have looked at different houses, talking about what they might be made of and how big or small they are. We designed and made our own houses too!


We have been enjoying our Maths lessons this term, looking at number recognition, 2D and 3D shapes and addition and subtraction. In Squirrel class, we enjoy making Maths as practical as possible!


In our PSHE lessons, we have been looking at people who help us and ways we can take care of ourselves. We particularly enjoyed learning basic first aid which included putting bandages on puppets!


In our Science topic we have been looking at plants. We planted cress seeds to see how they would grow in different environments. One plant had water and light, one had light but no water, and one had water but no light. We found out that plants need both light and water to be healthy and grow!