Rabbit Photo Gallery Autumn 2022-23

Autumn 1
Chinese New Year

We have been learning about religions within different communities.

We looked at how Chinese communities celebrated their new year.

Autumn 1
Japanese Drumming

We have been lucky enough to take part in Japanese drumming workshops.

To get into the spirit of things, we wore traditional Japanese head dresses while we drummed.

Autumn 1
Loy Larthong

We learned about how people in Thailand celebrate Loy Karthong.

We found out that it is a celebration of nature. We designed our own Loy Karthong floats.

The Thai people would have floated them down a river.

Autumn 1
Roman Roads

As part of our history topic, we have designed cross sections of Roman roads. We found out all about how they were engineered and then built.

Autumn 2
Children in Need
We produced some abstract art based on the ‘spotty’ theme of Children in Need.
Autumn 2
Apple Crumble

We made delicious apple crumbles as part of our ‘Winter Puddings’ topic.


Autumn 2
Making 3D Shapes
We made 3D shapes out of art straws. We thought carefully about the properties of these shapes before we made them.